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We are a Finnish family company specialized in radiology. We have operated in the field of health care for over 20 years, and thanks to that we have gained a strong network of professionals in hospitals and health care centers. The concentration of our core know-how strengthens the continuous development of our operations and quality.

Everything begun in 1994 when Jari Juola, a health care center doctor, decided to specialize in radiology, and saw an increasing need for examinations and treatment due to lack of doctors. We have answered the need by creating our own operating model that utilizes rental radiologists, mobile screening units, our own offices based in new health care centers as well as remote radiology and on-call services. We take care of on-call weekend duties for several hospitals, and screenings of around 20 000 Finns.

We changed our original name to the name of our subsidiary: Suomen Radiologikeskus Oy. We will launch a new company name, Mammografiakeskus, for selected offices in Finland.

Suomen Radiolgikeskus is 100 percent privately owned by its Finnish owners. As a small company, we invest in high quality and personal customer service. We support several organizations and charities, such as Plan International Suomi, Raiteen Tuki OY, Kouluinfo Oy, Nuorisotakuu ry and Aslak Lapin Pelastushelikopterin Tuki ry.

Our goal is to increase the number of cities where we provide our screening services, and to add skin disease, mole diagnostics and imaging to our service selection.



We offer radiology services and imaging. We rent radiologists and radiology nurses to both public and private service providers. Our service catalogue also includes remote reading services to several health care districts.

We are actively looking for new collaborators and professionals to take part in our operations. We cooperate with other companies to provide our customers with imaging services as extensively as possible.

We serve our private customer in our own offices in Riihimäki, Helsinki, Mikkeli, Kajaani and in the the Mobile Mammography unit.

In addition to breast imaging we provide all radiological ultrasound examinations and samplings in all our offices. We start providing stereotactic samplings in September 2019 in Helsinki. In Kajaani we also provide x-rays, i.e. normal lung and bone native imaging.

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Radiologikeskus provides a versatile and flexible workplace for over 60 people. In addition to radiologists, we employ radiology nurses, administrative employees and IT professionals. Radiologikeskus supports its employees' professional development as wanted by the employee.

Together with our collaborator Plantago Oy, we establish businesses to our employees and help them with all health care licenses and accounting needed.

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