Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Can you come to mammography with silicone implants?
Yes you can. Implants do not break in mammography. Microcalcifications is more visible on mammography than on ultrasound, and therefore mammography is also recommended with implants.

How often should I get a mammogram?
Recommendation for breast examination is for every two years beginning at age 40. Before that, it is a good idea to seek breast examination if symptoms such as prolonged pain or palpable lumps occur. The benefits of research and treatment up to the age of 90 have been demonstrated through comprehensive studies.

Can I get a mammogram too often?
If a lump has appeared in your breast, there is no reason to delay entering mammography even if an earlier screening has been made. A small proportion of breast cancers grow very fast. The normal interval for screening is yearly for those who have brest cancer in the immediate family and for everyone else every 2 years. Thanks to the operating model, the risk of finding breast cancer per visit is about 1/200 in an asymptomatic woman over 40 years of age. The risk of breast cancer caused by a single mammogram is 1/13,000 through radiation, so the benefit/risk of screening is clearly in favor of screening.

Can I have a mammogram if my breast has been removed?
Yes, you can. An oblique image of the chest is often obtained. However, taking a picture is affected by how much tissue is left and screening is not always successful. If necessary, the screening may be supplemented by an ultrasound examination of the breast.

Can I come to mammography screening during cancer screenings?
Yes, you can. Screening between cancer screenings can also be performed, especially when symptoms appear. Radiation treatmetn is not recommended to repeat less than a half year term if new symptoms are not appeared.

How much radiation do I get in a mammogram?
The amount of radiation is small in mammography. The risk posed by radiation is 1/13000. A clearly higher risk is that a breast cancer finding is detected during screening.

Does a pacemaker interfere with mammography?
The pacemaker does not interfere with mammography imaging.

Is mammography wheelchair accessible?
Usually available, and if not, screening can be performed with ultrasound.

When should I come to mammography?
When symptoms occur or as the 40th birthday approaches. From then on, every two years.

If there is a finding in mammography, how will follow-up treatment be arranged?
Once a result that requires further treatment is found, our doctors make a referral to municipal health care to the hospital side. Findings requiring treatment are treated and controlled in a hospital.

How much does Mammography cost?
Mammography costs 160-200 euros.

Are there any preparations for mammography?
Mammography does not require preparation.

How do I get an answer about mammography screening?
"Tervekirje" will be mailed to your home address within two weeks. If the screening needs to be clarified, the customer is called for a confirmatory ultrasound examination by telephone.

How long does a mammogram last?
Mammography takes 5-10 minutes.