Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Patient records

Patient information is confidential (Section 13 of the Patient Status and Rights Act (785/1992) “Patient Act”) Healthcare professionals and other personnel have a duty of confidentiality with regard to all information obtained in connection with patient care. Patient records refer to patient records, research and other patient data generated in the organization, implementation and monitoring of patient care.

Ordering a patient document

If you want patient documents or examination pictures for yourself, fill in the attached Patient Document Request and submit it to the Radiologikeskus X-ray unit. The information can be retrieved from the X-ray unit or alternatively it can be submitted by post.

Checking patient records

According to the Personal Data Act, you have the right to check what information about you has been stored in the health care register and where your information has been disclosed. (Section 28 (3) of the HetiL). If you want to know what information about you has been stored in the Radiologikeskus's patient register, fill in the attached request to check the patient information and submit it to the X-ray point. The staff will verify your identity and provide the information in writing. 

Checking log information

If you suspect the misuse of your patient information, you can request a review of the log information using the form available from the X-ray unit. We hope you will justify the request in as much detail as possible.

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